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WISH – Hope-to provide caring,wellbeing and needs inspired by communities.Offering a cordial,warm,comfortable and relaxing haven that eases stress.

Relief your mind and soul, allow yourself to feel as light as a beautiful butterfly, we transform into a healthier and more beautiful you. That is what Wellness in Serenity House – WISH for you.

“Be Healthy, Be Beautiful”

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WISH - 希望

WISH - 希望- 是我们对每一项事物,人的温情与健康,社会所需而被启发的。 它亲切,舒适并围绕着你,是你卸下压力的避风港。

当我们卸下烦躁疲惫的心灵和心绪,回归宁静时,如何让自己蜕变成美丽的蝴蝶并保持漂亮的身心灵就是我们WISH - 静心房给予顾客一个的宗旨。

“健康,致岁月永驻 “